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Tips for Building a website

Your new website could make all the difference to your business. But with so many moving parts, it’s hard to make sure that all elements are working together for your business. At Digital Freak, we’re experts at making sure your website is hitting the right points when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, as well as ensuring a pleasant experience for your customers. Here are 8 things your website needs to make sure your business will stand out and be found online:

Clear Branding

Having a clear representation of your brand values, fonts, design and logos on your website ensures a pleasant experience for visitors to your website. Make sure you and your team are clear on what logos and colours to use, as well as what words to use to communicate what your business does effectively.

Strong calls to action

Strong calls to action on your new website mean your audience and potential customers understand how and why they should contact you. Using terms such as “Call now for a free quote” or “Contact us today” or “Add to cart” clearly signpost to your audience what they should do to become your customers.

Contact information and Social Media links

Following on from the previous point, having easy to find and up to date information, including physical and email addresses, as well as phone numbers, make it simple for your audience to get in contact with you. Similarly, make sure the links to your social media platforms are clearly displayed and are up to date, so that your customers will be able to find you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Quick load times

Ensuring that your website is quick to load means your customers will be able to navigate around your website and get all the information they need. At Digital Freak, we recommend a load time of around 200ms. If you’re curious about your current load times, you can test it here.

Easy to use

User Experience should be a key focus of your website. After all, if people can’t find what they are looking for, why would they use your services in the first place? Make sure your web pages follow a clear structure, are to the point and are easy to navigate between, and you’re on your way to success!


A blog is an easy way to ensure repeat traffic to your website. By posting as little as one fresh piece of content a month, you’ll ensure people keep coming back for more. Make sure your blogs are relevant and add value to your business and customers. Writing a blog can also be a great item to promote on your social channels as well!

Strong SEO strategy

This one may be the most important one of all! Realistically, if new customers can’t find your website, then it can be heartbreaking to put in a lot of work for no results. Having a good SEO strategy will make all the difference when it comes to your new website. Make sure you include lots of strong keywords and keep up to date with all the latest SEO techniques.

Clear URLs

Having good URLs for your website is one of the little things that can make all the difference when it comes to your SEO strategy. Make sure your URLs aren’t too short or too long (around 50 characters is best), clearly explain what the page contains, and are unique to each web page, to ensure the best possible results for your business.

Mobile friendly design

With more and more people using their mobiles to get information every day, this one is very important. Making sure you have both a responsive and nice-looking website for both desktop and mobile is really important. If you’re interested in seeing what your page looks like across devices, you can see a preview here.

This might seem like a lot of information to take in – and you’re right! However, making sure your website is performing as well as it should may be the key to taking your business to the next level. When it comes to all the above points, employing the services of a business like Digital Freak means you can rest easy knowing all of this is taken care of, and you can get back to taking care of your business.


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