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Drive Trust and Authority with Thought Leadership Marketing

Wanting your business to stand out as a leader in its industry, to push the boundaries of customer experience and innovation, isn’t for everyone. But if you are looking to make this your differentiator and have the big dogs look over their shoulders with concern, then thought leadership marketing is a good way to get there. Like any digital marketing strategy, it takes expertise, finesse, and a touch of luck to make it all come together. Here’s how it works.

What is Thought Leadership Marketing?

Buzzwords aside, this type of marketing is about developing, creating, and sharing content that positions key persons at the top of your business as authorities in the industry. If you have the experience and the vision, this type of marketing will grab the reader’s attention and say, “This person KNOWS what they’re doing”.

It can be thought of almost like an editorial – a chance to weigh in on the current state of the industry, where it’s heading, the challenges it’s facing, and what you think should be done. Similarly, it also must be a firm yet balanced point of view that ultimately keeps the customer or client in mind.

In addition to professional opinion pieces, thought leadership marketing can include sharing credible industry news, the respected views of other professionals within your industry, and weighing in on current events that impact the industry.

How Does It Work?

In a world where marketing can easily slip towards meaningless pandering to the customer, gimmicks, or a brute-force sale, thought leadership marketing (when done right) feels authentic and sincere. This draws people in who want to work with the best and have someone they can trust and rely on.

Where Should I Use Thought Leadership Marketing Content?

It’s also a useful marketing format for professional social media marketing, like LinkedIn. In these spaces, you want to talk one-on-one with professionals and B2B clients, establish yourself as a valuable member of your network and industry, and actively support and spread brand awareness. Thought leadership marketing is ideal for meeting these goals, ensuring that what you share has real meaning and value to those within your network and that it works to establish your credentials and those of your business.

Another great space for thought leadership marketing is reputable industry news sites. These sites are constantly looking for news items that are well-written, interesting, and relevant, so it’s not too challenging to get good thought leadership content published on them. This exposes you and your business to the industry, industry journalists, clients, and anyone with an interest in what your business does – a valuable target audience!

Let Our Melbourne Digital Marketing Agency Put Your Name in Lights

At Digital Freak, we know exactly how to build a winning thought leadership marketing strategy, working with you and your team to create customised content that guides your brand and name right to the top. Want to be the first name a person thinks of when your industry comes to mind? We’ll help make it happen!


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