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Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing is one of the few things that almost every business uses but not every business understands. And that’s okay – you’re not digital marketing experts, we are! But it does mean that it’s easy for information to become distorted, to be misunderstood or simply missed in the everyday hustle and bustle of running your business. So, our digital marketing company in Melbourne is here to debunk a few myths that could be setting back your online marketing strategy.

Myth #1: All Traffic is Good Traffic

When you build a website and set up your digital marketing strategy, the basic aim is to drive traffic through your social media posts, blogs and other marketing content to your website where people can find your business or buy your products. So, it naturally follows that businesses want as much traffic as possible. And that’s good, right? Not really.

Traffic is measured by software like Google Analyticsand tracks the number of visitors your website receives within a certain time period. A visit counts as traffic regardless of what they do on your website – whether they buy something, read a few pages of information, or even leave immediately after arriving. What your website needs is the first two types of visitor. You need people who are interested in your products and services. These people may become customers with some clever retargeting, and people who buy your product. Getting loads of traffic that doesn’t convert is pointless.

So, when you work with a digital marketing company to develop your strategy, don’t just focus on traffic. You want high-quality traffic. It’s much better to get 20 people a day who are real potential leads than 200 people who just bounce right off your website a few seconds after they land on it.

Myth #2: Retargeting Should be Avoided in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

We mentioned retargeting ads above. I bet a few of you thought twice even reading the word. It’s gotten a bit of a bad rep, but only because people who don’t really understand it or how to use it properly. So, here’s the lowdown.

Businesses often get visitors to their website who spend time looking at their products and services, adding items to their wishlist or even filling a cart that they abandon. These are people who liked what you had to offer and are interested in buying it. But they haven’t yet committed. This isn’t necessarily because they changed their mind about those products. Maybe they wanted to wait until payday or a special occasion. Maybe they like the item but want to wait for a sale or promotion. Or maybe they just got distracted by life and work and forgot to finish their transaction. These are the people that retargeting is especially effective for. It’s a little tap on the shoulder to say “Hey, I think you forgot about this – are you still interested?”

Retargeting ads are even welcomed by consumers, with Wishpond research showing just a 11% negative response to these ads by consumers. And they really do work. Just ask our Google Ads team.

Myth #3: Your Digital Marketing Strategy Should Be Content, Content, Content

Like all digital marketing myths, there’s some truth to them. Content is an incredibly important part of your online marketing strategy. From blog content and social media content to the content of your website itself.

This is all about organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and it helps make your site more visible on Google, so it’s easy to see why businesses become focussed on it. However, it is only one pillar of digital marketing and by having a more rounded strategy, you’re actually able to get much more out of the content you create. For example, combining your SEO content strategy with paid online advertising helps both strategies perform more effectively. So, don’t miss out on optimising your opportunities by being blinded by just one part of digital marketing.

Myth #4: There’s Too Much You Have to Do to Be Effective

Many business owners and even some marketing managers approach digital marketing for their business with a sense of excitement – only to be turned off by the sheer volume of work. If you look at digital marketing without an expert eye, it can seem absolutely overwhelming. From building a website, publishing a regular blog and building your social media profile to managing PPC advertising campaigns and posting on all the top social media sites while also answering all the queries, comments and questions generated by your audience. It’s a lot.

But no company should be taking on that much without a digital marketing team.One of the first things they will do is divide that work into appropriate bites. For example, your business doesn’t need to be on every social media site – and it shouldn’t be. You should only be on a select few platforms that are best-suited to your brand, product/service and audience. Digital marketing is not about using every tool in the box. It’s about using the most effective ones for the goals at hand.

Myth #5: Digital Marketing is Only for Big Businesses

Okay, so all of the myths so far have had a bit of truth to them but this one is straight up false. In fact, digital marketing is so exciting exactly because it gives small businesses an equal platform on which to compete with corporations and competitors. The Internet is one of the greatest levelling fields in marketing and, although you may not have the budget to beat the big guys, clever marketing strategies can put you well in front in the race.

Two reasons for this is that Google and Internet users tend to reward quality, relevance and creativity, which is something any size business can achieve with the right team behind them. Internet users tend to search for new, local and exciting niche products and service providers online. After all, they already know the names of the big brands.

As a digital marketing company in Melbourne, most of our clients are small and medium-sized businesses because the online space is the most rewarding space in which to grow, access new opportunities and reach your audience of buyers.

If you’d like to find out more about digital marketing or how our team can build an affordable and effective strategy for growing your business, it’s time to get in touch. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help your business succeed.


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