Every business needs a website and here at Digital Freak we have experience building pages for a wide variety of companies. Our freaks consider websites a key element in our holistic approach to digital marketing, as it becomes something every social media platform and advertisement can link back to. Therefore, it needs to show your business in the best possible light on each page.

Before we begin to build your site, Digital Freak will take into account your logo, your overall company image, and your existing branding. Using this information, we will work with you to pick a colour theme and design overview which gives your businesses the right look for you. Rather than use basic templates available online, we endeavour to tailor-make your website to your specifications, offering unlimited flexibility, adaptability, and creativity.

We believe websites should not only look good but work well too. By creating a cohesive, pleasant, smooth user experience (UX), we boost the chances of users coming back again and again. This includes making sure all links work correctly, speeding up purchasing procedures, minimising loading times, and including links to other relevant sites.

Don’t forget that no matter how beautiful your website looks in the end, without good content creation, it’s basically worthless. Digital Freak will work with you to ensure your pages contain good copy, relevant information, and overall garner users’ interest. After all, if they’re interested, they’re more likely to return.