“Google it.” Through repeated popular use, google has become a verb.

And by repeated, we mean Google processes 3.5 billion searches per day. Therefore, it’s vital that when someone googles keywords related to your business, you land on the first page of results. As we’ve always said, the best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Google.

Our freaks are experts in Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This is the art of quite literally optimizing your website, social media accounts, and copy to ensure search engine algorithms identify your pages as relevant to searches and deliver them high up in the results.

Searches can be organic or paid. Of course with 3.5 billion googles per day, some of the keywords searched are bound to be relevant to your business – this is what we call an organic search. If your pages land in these results, it will be because they are relevant. At Digital Freak we won’t shoehorn words or phrases into your copy to boost your SEO because that would simply result in clicks from disinterested searchers. What we will do is ensure your SEO in relevant areas is strong enough to push you up Google’s rankings until you land on that first, crucial page.

Paid adverts, such as Google AdWords, can help your business push its way to the top in a different way. Your advert will be bidding alongside other businesses based on your chosen keywords and you will only need to pay if someone clicks on your advert. The crucial move here is to select the right keywords and ensure your landing page keeps the clicker’s attention. Ad rankings are determined by your maximum bid multiplied by your quality score. The more you invest and the better received your ad is, the higher your ranking and, interestingly, the less you have to pay per click.

And let’s not forget Yahoo or MSN’s Bing. Although we don’t say “Yahoo it”, these search engines are still important and can bring in substantial customers. With 1.7 billion searches per month, Yahoo’s users may be half as numerous as Google’s and MSN receives just 845 million searches, but they should not be discounted as potential advertising platforms. In fact, Yahoo and Bing have combined to create the Yahoo! Bing Network, a cheaper, friendlier, and less competitive advertising network.

Wherever you choose to advertise, or if you decide to simply rely on organic search results, here at Digital Freak we are ready and waiting to develop great SEO for your business.


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Our Freaks Are Fully Certified

Our Freaks Are Fully Certified