“Google it.”

Through repeated, relentless use, ‘Google’ has become a verb, entering the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2006. That’s because Google is the world’s largest search engine. It processes:

  • 2 trillion searches per year
  • 5.6 billion searches per day
  • 228 million searches per hour
  • 63,000 searches per second

A query could be a single word, a phrase or a question. These queries contain ‘keywords’ and search engines like Google set out to find the most relevant content online based on the words used. In the blink of an eye, you’re presented with a curated list of results. And 33% of the time, users click on the first result they are shown. Whatever Google’s secret algorithm is, it’s doing a great job.

Which is why you need to tell Google how relevant your website is for your keywords. Every business needs its website to display high on page one to capture this traffic. The higher up you are, the more likely your website is to be found and clicked on.

Remember, the best place to hide a dead body is on page two of Google.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the art of improving your website, social media accounts and online content to ensure search engine algorithms identify your pages as relevant to searches and deliver them high up in the results.

Our freaks are experts in SEO. We can help you stand out and be found online by performing a range of white hat SEO services for your chosen keywords.


But Google doesn’t only deliver organic results. You can also pay to advertise on Google, pushing your website right to the top of page one for selected keywords.

Digital Freak is proud to be a Google Ads Partner. Our expert team can help your paid advertising efforts, regardless of your budget. From $200 per month to $20,000, we can create Google Ads campaigns to suit your needs.

Google Ads are limited by size, which is why great copy is key. We’ll get people to click on your ads, not your competitors, and deliver them straight to the right page of your website. We’ll take full advantage of every character we’re given, as well as adding a full range of ad extensions to maximise our Google real estate. The bigger the ad, the more likely people are to click on it. We’ll also provide Google users with as much information as possible to help them decide whether your product or services is what they are looking for.

We also track conversions. Clearly pinpoint the return on investment from your Google Ads with our regular reporting and tracking. Whether you want to increase phone calls, newsletter signups or online purchases, Google Ads is the entry point for many new customers into business websites just like yours.


We’re A Google Partner

Our Freaks Are Fully Certified

Our Freaks Are Fully Certified

Practical advice – We know digital marketing sounds complicated. Geeks love their jargon. But we want you to understand what we do and be able to action it themselves. That’s why we offer practical advice which is clear, logical and simple to action.

Customised approach – You’re unique, right? Every successful business has to be. Which is why we offer tailor made digital marketing solutions. Whatever your goals, whatever your budget, our experts will take the time to craft a unique SEO strategy, designed exclusively to drive your business success.

Trust – We believe a trusting business relationship is key to success. That’s why we take our time to listen and learn about you before we begin. Then we’ll maintain open communication and transparent reporting, designed to showcase the value of our services, strengthen our mutual relationship and cement an ongoing successful partnership.