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Backlink building tips

Link building is an integral part of SEO as it helps to create high quality, optimised marketing campaigns that will enable your business to thrive online.

Link building can be described as the process of procuring links to your website via other websites for the purpose of driving traffic and increasing credibility. These links help users to navigate through different pages.

Search engines like Google also use these links to crawl the web, discover new web pages and  determine which sites rank for specific keywords. Building links is one of many ways to optimise your ranking as it helps to indicate to Google that your website is a quality source of information.

Search engines don’t only look at the quality of the content on your pages but also the amount of the links that are being directed to your page. Link popularity is a way for Google to determine the quality of your page as each link is basically evidence of users classifying your website as a valuable resource. In most cases, someone will only link to your website if they think it is a good resource.

If one site has more links to their site over another, they will have a better chance of ranking higher in the search results. Other factors such as authority of pages, SEO, and anchor text are other factors that will contribute.

To improve the rank of your website, we recommend increasing the number of high quality sites that have links back to your website. But how is this done?

Regular creation and high quality content

  • The focus on quality is becoming more and more important as Google is increasingly filtering out low-quality links.
  • You will have more success of users linking to your websites if you have valuable content to start off with.
  • Any other efforts put into link building will be a waste of time if you don’t have good content to back it up.

Promotion of content

  • Tell people about the content you have created.
  • You can’t expect people to find your content and link to it before spreading the word that your content is out there.
  • You can do this by sharing through social media platforms or using directories and classifieds to advertise your business around the web.

Ask people to review you

  • Reach out to your customers, bloggers, organisations and other influential people that you think will like your content.
  • You can ask them to review your content, write their own article and link to your website in exchange for free products or services. Most people would be happy to review or mention you if there is an incentive.

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