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Google My Business

Every business needs to be visible on Google. It’s 2019: that’s how people find information these days. With over 63,000 searches made per second on any given day, it’s safe to say that Google is one of the most trusted sources of online information out there and the top choice when it comes to search engines.

Google’s success can be attributed to the company’s dedication to constantly improving and developing their services. They consistently strive to give users the best possible experience and the most reliable information.

One way Google has done this is through the creation of Google My Business. This is a tool designed to support small and large businesses by connecting them with local searchers who are looking to quickly fulfil a need.

Through a Google My Business listing, business owners have more control over what displays in relevant search results. The listing displays on the first page of the search results and details the business’ contact information and opening hours as well as customer reviews, maps and links to the business’ website.

Did you know 85% of shoppers search for local businesses online?

Local search is on the rise and Google can turn into your biggest advertising ally. You can use it to promote your business to people who have otherwise never heard of you before through paid and organic means. We suggest you take advantage of this awesome platform fast!

In fact, Google knows its value which means it often auto creates business listings. Even if you’ve not set up a listing, you may find your company appears automatically when you search for your name. That’s because Google has started the process for you. It does this by pulling information from your website or Facebook page. Great! Except without telling Google you’re the proud owner of this business, the listing is limited. That’s why you need to claim your listing

The benefits of claiming your GMB listing

  • Stand out from other businesses in the search results
  • Engage with existing and potential customers
  • Help people easily find your business
  • Appear high up in the search results (the majority of users never scroll beyond the first page of results)
  • Attract new customers to your business

All of this is a great opportunity for you to drum up local business!If you haven’t claimed your business, we’re happy to help you claim your listing for FREE, so you can update your information. Similarly, if you’re a new business owner, there may not even be an auto listing to claim. That’s fine, we’ll create one from scratch for you!

If you’re a savvy business owner however, you’ll know that the FREE part is not where all the true power lies, so we have a really affordable rate to get you properly listed and optimised to attract local searches and new customers.

Of course, if you just want to claim your listing, contact us today and we’ll help you through it for FREE.


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