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Every day the Internet grows in size. But how much of what is added has any real value? When it comes to your business, every piece of content you upload must in some way benefit your company and, at the end of the day, increase product sales. The art of content creation is being steadily honed and perfected, so you need to make sure your company is also producing high quality content. With so much information to choose from online, the best way to maintain a steady stream of web traffic is with good quality content. Here’s why:

Online customers judge your company on your website
Remember, first impressions matter greatly when it comes to business. Content creation allows you to project a specific brand identity or message about your company through your website, the direction from which a large number of sales now comes. Tell your customers what you’re about, why they should use your business or products and why they should establish a trusting, long-term relationship with your company through high quality content.

Search engines like original content
Copying and pasting from another website is completely pointless. You will not see any increase in web traffic because Google’s algorithm will recognise the original site’s content above your own and drop your website way down the rankings. Content creation takes time and effort, admittedly, but stealing from someone else is a complete waste of time because you won’t fool Google into thinking you wrote it in the first place.

Good content leads to conversions
If people are impressed by your content, it should increase product sales. By giving your readers all the information they may need to judge and critique a product, you are encouraging them to buy directly from your site. Use some of your content to promote products themselves and you will see an increase in the percentage of web traffic which converts into sales. If your product is not the cheapest available on the market, demonstrate why it is worth more than its competitors in your content.

You will see more traffic
Good articles and blogs are shared on social media, boosting your web traffic instantly as well as reaching a wider audience. Other companies in the same industry may also link to your article, an instant win because Google’s algorithm see this as a stamp of approval on your content creation and your ranking will be boosted.

Quality content endures
Depending on its relevance and how quickly society’s interests move on, content creation can be seen as a long term investment. Well reviewed and regarded articles, videos and other forms of content can maintain considerable web traffic for years. So although it may take time and even money to create the content in the first place, this investment will be repaid over time and see a consistent increase in product sales.

Content comes in many different forms. Blogs, articles, images, infographics, videos, GIFs, memes, product reviews and information, live videos/chats, Q&As, client reviews, newsletters, ebooks and so many more. All of these can help to increase product sales. We recommend you create your content in a variety of styles to ensure you have multiple different ways of engaging consumers. And although quality is, in many ways, more important than quantity, it is still important to regularly update your website with new content which will not only increase web traffic but also draw new audiences. The better your content creation, the stronger your brand identity will become.


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