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When it comes to website design, the quality of the user experience is now considered the most important element for any business to consider. User experience, or UX, refers to the way in which consumers interact with or experience a website. Not only should the UX be functional and easy to use but it also needs to be powerful and able to take on any visitor’s requests as well as respond to their actions. When it comes to converting visitors into customers, UX is often the key.

UX requires the website design to respond, become interactive, be easy to use and also look good. Usability is all-encompassing term most associated with UX and refers to the product design being quick to learn, easy to understand and also deliver a pleasant experience when interacted with. Consumers want a website (or any product) which works seamlessly for them and seems to anticipate their moves and desires. It is now not only about the product for sale but the experience of purchasing this item online.

In recent years, the rise of the smart phone has also seen more emphasis be placed on interactive, user friendly design, enhancing the UX of webpages on smaller screens or even completely redesigned pages or creating a unique app. For many people now, their phone is the main way in which they connect to the Internet, browse websites and even do their online shopping. Make sure your company website design is optimised for mobile use. Some sites such as Wix do this for you automatically when you build your site. Others will require you to edit manually. Many companies are investing in their own app to capture this market more thoroughly.

In terms of business, investing in good website design has been one sure-fire way to attract and keep customers for decades. As soon as a user lands on your homepage, they are forming their first impressions of your company and your products. A bad web design will lead to people clicking off the web page and onto a competitor’s site. This goes for mobile design and apps as well. When people enjoy using your website, this positive UX goes a significant way towards reinforcing the consumers’ trust of the brand and is more likely to lead to sales and also repeat customers.

Sites with the best UX (Apple, Google, Amazon to name a few) combine a beautiful design with user-friendly functionality. You cannot achieve a good UX without both of these elements. A visually pleasing site is what visitors will first notice but any beauty is destroyed as soon as the site performs badly. Similarly, if your web design is aesthetically unappealing, consumers are likely to click back before they have even begun to interact, cutting the UX short once more.

The true value of a quality UX is coming to be realised and companies are increasingly investing in this aspect of their online presence. It is no longer enough to just have a website. Companies must carefully consider the way in which consumers will experience this aspect of their brand, as well as their products. From creating the best home page possible to including responsive design features to uploading only unique, quality content, the UX of any company website is something worth investing in.


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