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Website design

There’s no denying that having a business for your website in 2019 is essential. With so many people shopping and browsing online, it’s important to ensure that your business is putting their best foot forward online. When it comes to the world of ecommerce, your website is your only chance to sell to your potential and returning customers. But why does a good website design matter in 2019? Read on to find out why:

First impressions count

Just like in real life, first impressions are super important when it comes to your website design. If your website is hard to use, navigate or even understand, then your potential customers will move on and spend their money somewhere else. Your homepage should be clean, well designed and clearly signal to your audience where they should go to find out more and buy your products.

Whether or not they realise it, your potential customers will subconsciously react to your website based on the overall design, before they even start reading the content written on your page. Design elements such as colours, fonts and images chosen will all help them make a decision about whether or not they want to continue browsing your website.

Sell more, more efficiently

When it comes to building or updating your website, you should first consider the overall goals of your website? Do you want to get more visitors on your homepage? Or would you prefer these visitors to move on and purchase something? Layout and navigation can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring conversions in your online store.

Creating your website with your future customers in mind will ensure that your online store will work more effectively for you. By clearly signposting the customer journey with calls to action, as well as links between each of your pages, you’re making it easier for your customers to purchase from you.

Design for mobile responsiveness

There’s no denying that having a mobile responsive website is essential. While it may seem like more work while you’re getting your website set up, it’s important to keep in mind that around 63% percent of web traffic in 2018 came from mobile devices, according to Supply Gem. so, what does this mean for your business and website design?

Factors such as speed, usability, and responsive content can all have an impact on how your online store can display on a mobile, so it’s important to keep this is mind when it comes to building your next website.

Don’t forget about SEO

Of course, while designing your new business website, you shouldn’t forget about incorporating strong SEO elements into your website. This can include all the items that we have discuss above, but you shouldn’t forget about image optimisation, a selection of strong keywords and the overall structure of your website and subpages.

Building the best website for your ecommerce store takes time, and involves a lot of elements to make sure you’re hitting all the right points. When it comes to building your next website, reaching out to a digital agency such as Digital Freak can take the pressure off. Our team of experts can guide you through the process and make sure your website is performing the way it should, into 2019 and beyond. Contact us today to start on the journey of building your next website.


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