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Social media marketing

Facebook has become one of the best places to be for a business, with easy-to-use social media marketing tools that make creating and managing social media ads a breeze! One of our favourite tools is Facebook ad automation, which not only makes Facebook ads more sustainable to manage, it also helps boost your ROI.

What’s So Great About Facebook Ad Automation?

We all know Facebook ads are great. Sure, the average click-through rate is only about 0.9% but 26% of all clicks result in a sale, and that really adds up when you can reach around 1.66 billion active daily users.

The problem with a lot of social media marketing is just how much time it takes. It’s not usually very resource intensive, but it does need a team behind it to work hours each day on planning, developing and implementing a strategy. And that doesn’t take into account the constant analysis and gentle course correction these campaigns require to stay on track. It’s one of the reasons why it often makes a lot more sense for a business to use a digital marketing agency.

Ads automation does a lot to help with this issue, taking a big part of this job off your plate and handing you back 3-4 hours or more of your week. By using advanced AI technology, this tool makes marketing decisions easier regarding your campaign, so you don’t feel stressed, anxious or emotional about your advertising choices.It’s all about the data and the facts.

How Does Facebook Ad Automation Work?

As we’ve said above, it relies on an AI algorithm that optimises a Facebook campaign on your behalf. It’s pretty extensive too, tackling budget optimisation (even increasing a budget within set limits when you’re getting great results), scheduling ads to the best times of day/week, pausing ads that are not performing well to save money, and delivering useful reports. And this all happens automatically.

The reality is that AI can crunch data and variables better than any human ever could. Trying to do this manually simply opens your campaign up to errors, as there’s too much data to consider. For example, the automation tool analyses factors like campaign objectives, budget, call-to-action, ad format, placements, link previews, schedule, target market, test, creatives, headlines and URL, checking micro-variations of these different elements to ensure they all line up to deliver the results your business wants to achieve.

As you can see, this isn’t just about lightening the load when designing and running a Facebook ad campaign, it’s also critical to making sure your campaign really is optimised for ROI.

Is There a Downside?

So far, Facebook ad automation seems like a dream come true – but that doesn’t mean that it’s a perfect tool that handles it all. Like all tech, it lacks the human touch. It can only deal with data, so it is still important that, at the end of the day, someone monitors the campaign for the subtleties and opportunities that can only be detected by intuition.

Your automated campaign, for example, can optimise everything to appeal to a set target audience – but only you can see an opportunity to change that target audience, expanding it to capture more people or retargeting it to capture a more specific market.

At the end of the day, it’s about using this marketing automation tool to make your social media marketing goals easier to achieve rather than setting it up and leaving it to run unchecked for weeks or months at a time.

Social Media Marketing in Melbourne

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