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Selling products on social media naturally increased during the pandemic because many customers simply didn’t have a choice. But the long months of lockdown and the rising buying power of younger, social media-loving generations has created a lasting appetite for social selling. People are not buying on social media because they must or because it’s a new and interesting service – they’re doing it because they really like it. And that means that 2022 needs to be the year your business makes social media a priority.

Social selling in Australia

Social commerce is a powerful and growing global trend – and Australian consumers are right alongside buyers across the world in riding this popular wave. According to a large-scale global marketing report, three out of every four people participating in the survey count themselves as likely or highly likely to make purchases through social media in the future, with 71% of Australians surveyed reflecting the same sentiment.

So, what do Aussies love about social commerce?

  • The new, personalised, interactive experience – Social selling gives businesses a range of different ways to buy products and interact with consumers at the same time. Live shopping is one of these, where you live stream the shopping experience while allowing customers to buy right off the channel, a bit like TV shopping networks with additional functionality and a much more updated, interactive feel. Conversational commerce is another social selling technique where consumers can chat live with a brand and make purchases through chat platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

50% of consumers tried out live shopping and conversational commerce experiences on social media, with just under 35% purchasing through these channels.

  • The convenience and familiarity – We’re busier than ever but the events of the last two years have shown that balance is important too. We want to spend more time on the things that matter most to our quality of life and relationships and less time on things that are simply necessary for everyday survival. The instant and accessible nature of social selling means that we can get these basic needs fulfilled quickly and easily, any time of day, unrestricted by retail hours, on a platform we’re already very familiar with. 

You can buy groceries, get food delivered, or stock up on toiletries off Facebook while you check in on your newsfeed, do some Christmas shopping while you relax with some Instagram time, or top up your wardrobe according to targeted ads that are tailored to give you exactly what you’re looking for. 

  • Discounts – Who doesn’t love a bargain? Social selling has become one of the best places to find discounts, special offers, and more. You don’t immediately get 10% off the first time you walk into a retail store – but you do when you buy off social media. You can also earn rewards, participate in a multitude of events and competitions, and be exposed to new retailers you’d be interested in all without leaving the couch. All the bargains you want simply arrive on the platforms you’re already using. 

  • Trust factors – There’s a lot of competition out there and consumers want to know that they can trust a business to deliver if they buy from them. Maybe they haven’t heard of you before or they are getting into a new hobby or interest and hoping to find a business that caters to it. Seeing that a friend likes your business on social media, getting exposure to your posts in community groups, or being able to see reviews on your page is just as powerful as a word-of-mouth referral. 

    These trust factors make it so much easier for a customer to make a purchase and trust you rather than your competition, and it’s something that social selling is geared towards and actively supports.

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