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Digital marketing trends you should definitely be considering

Is your digital marketing game a little stale and routine? Is your site traffic the same or lowering? It’s probably time to consider a new strategy to up your game and keep on track of how people are consuming their digital data. Take a look at the latest digital marketing trends you should definitely be aware of.

Video marketing
Okay, so we’ve been over this one before but it bears repeating. Video marketing is huge right now; it’s visual, attention-grabbing, quick and consumable. Why read when you can watch? Check out our tips on how to get started with video marketing for your own business.

Need an outsource for your growing customer communications? Chatbots are leading the way in easy and effective customer relations and for once the customers don’t hate the automated service. That little webchat that pops up in the corner can be a handy tool if you have a quick question about the site or service. Plus, most people generally prefer to message than pick up the phone and deal with being on hold for several minutes. This helps your business streamline customer relations and allows you to use your staff members for more complicated queries, or for people who prefer talking to a human. It’s not all scary, we promise.

If you’re purchasing a brand new, unfamiliar product from Amazon, don’t you usually check the reviews first? The same goes for businesses. Online reviews contribute quite a large amount to your Google ranking – one-star reviews aren’t going to be boosting your ranking or your reputation.

Focusing on customer reviews is a simple and effective digital marketing trend to implement. Draw up a plan to integrate customer surveys and reviews into your selling experience. Keep it light – you don’t want your customer feeling like they’re undertaking unpaid work for you. We recommend adding a simple call to action requesting a review at the bottom of your email signature.

This term is one you’ve probably heard being used a lot, so what’s it all about? It’s basically becoming much more clever and creative when it comes to sales. People don’t often respond to a straight-up advert pushed in their face; but they do respond to an emotive or exciting story. For inspiration, look at Google’s ads around their translation tool and how it connects people, or Airbnb’s user-centred ads that follow people’s travels using Airbnb. Taking a story and making it human is the key to effective brand storytelling.

User-generated content
Take advantage of your social media team to trawl the net for users that are promoting your company of their own volition. A quality image and positive caption from a non-sponsored individual is a great way to promote your brand. Reach out to ask if you can share and repost, which they will likely be happy for you to do to increase their reach as well.

Don’t overdo it with your new digital marketing strategy; pick one to focus on and really invest your time in making it work before moving onto our other suggestions. Drop us a line if you need any tailored advice, we’d be more than happy to help you out.


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