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Not everything when it comes to business is about selling, at least, not directly. There are many ways to engage effectively with your consumers without demanding they impart with their hard earned cash. This is particularly important when it comes to digital marketing. The word ‘marketing’ may throw you but in fact online campaigns are about much more than selling products. Your digital marketing campaign should offer an online service as well as advertise your brand. Here’s how your company can transform their social media management plan from a barrage of ‘sell, sell, sell’, to something consumers will see as a service.

‘Social Media Fatigue’ describes how people felt about the relentless barrage of adverts and sales posts flooding their timelines. They had had enough. Businesses reported a sharp drop in the number of followers and a decrease in the reach and engagement of their posts as a result. We are simply tired of being relentlessly sold to.

Social media was not created to sell products. It was designed for people to interact with one another and see interesting or relevant posts, videos, images and articles. This is the attitude companies should take when developing their online campaigns. Yes, at the end of the day all businesses want sales. But there are digital marketing tactics which all you to conduct your social media management in line with this consumer demand but that will also lead to sales.

As an example, imagine your business sells surfboards and related products. Firstly, you should share a variety of post styles. Basic copy and a link to a wetsuit isn’t going to entice anyone. But an interesting, well-written and well-researched article about how winter is approaching with tips to keeping active in the colder months could subsequently lead people to contemplate buying a wetsuit from you. Having your own blog which you can share is an even better form of digital marketing because you can link back to your own products. Always make sure the content you publish is of a high enough quality for your online campaign.

Why not people interested and provide an online service by sharing new science developments in the creation of surf boards (which you just happen to have in stock)? And then there’s the daily surf forecast for your local coast which, if posted regularly enough, could see your followers soar. People enjoy the deliverance of useful, interesting and practical information to their fingertips so build this into your digital strategy.

Finally, one of best aspects of social media is its ability to allow consumers and businesses to interact with one another. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. A good social media management team responds to comments, likes similar pages/posts and shares news articles. The more active and engaging you are, the more receptive your consumers will be in return. Social media also allows you to respond to negative comments or problems. Customers appreciate being taken care of, so make sure your social media management staff are looking out for these comments. It also reassures other consumers when they see companies interact with complaining customers in a respectful and professional way.

At the end of the day, the objective of every online campaign is to sell. The trick is to make this less obvious. Yes, occasionally you can make a sales post. But the rest of your digital marketing should focus on making your page or site a service to customers. An online service should provide something people want, something they are interested in and something they can engage in. These will lead to sales.


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