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These 3 Sales Mistakes are Dooming Your Online Deals

In the recently released 5th annual ‘State of Sales’ report from LinkedIn, the social media platform shows us some of the biggest missteps businesses are making and how these can put sales in jeopardy. Now, keeping in mind that digital marketing is a steep learning curve for any organisation, let’s take a look at where businesses are going wrong so we don’t make the same mistakes!

#1 – A Lack of Understanding

Around 44% of buyers were put off by the seller’s lack of understanding of their business needs or how their business operates. This shows just how important it is to back up what your brand says online and actively get to know an organisation and their goals before you send your virtual pitch or organise a video meeting.

Similarly, 43% of respondents said they were put off because the salesperson didn’t have a good knowledge of the products and services that they were selling. Whoops! It just goes to show that it’s not only essential to empower your customers with information and knowledge through blogs, social media and online content, but it’s also critical that you invest in your sales team too.

#2 – Misleading Information

Because digital information is so accessible, buyers have a reasonable expectation that the information they see on your website, ads, social media platforms and blogs is relevant, up-to-date, and accurate. But according to the report, 48% of buyers were put off going forward with a deal because of misleading information about the product. Whether this is intentional or simply a case of not having updated online resources, it’s a big problem for online selling where trust is key and a competitor is just a click away!

#3 – Not Enough Virtual Selling

This year’s report made one thing absolutely clear – virtual selling is here to stay. 50% of buyers say that remote working has made the purchasing process easier for them, and businesses reported that 48% of them had closed deals of US$500K or more without even meeting the buyer in person! However, a lot of businesses simply haven’t gotten themselves into gear for the remote selling process, with sales teams still adjusting to remote work and businesses stuck in the earlier stages of the digital transformation process.

Whether it’s money or mindset, it’s time to get on board with all things digital! Between the overwhelmingly positive online selling statistics and access to state and federal grants like the SMEA Digital Transformation Grant, it’s time for businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to grow.

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