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Essential Facebook Ad Targeting

The biggest retail season is around the corner, and according to recent research, 87% of global shoppers are still planning to do their usual holiday season shopping, with 57% still looking forward to making purchases on Black Friday and cyber Monday. And with Facebook being the most popular platform for purchasing gifts, it makes sense to make Facebook marketing central to your commerce strategy. Here’s some insight into how to most effectively target your consumers though Facebook ads this holiday season to make sure your brand is front-and-centre when purchasing decisions are being made.

#1 – Use Facebook Audience Insights to Grow Your Following and Gain High-Value Consumers

Want to pull consumers away from your competitor and get them looking at your content? Then Audience Insights is what you need. This is a tool that aggregates information about the people connected to your Facebook page and the people who are using Facebook in general, breaking down the groups by demographics, age, gender, education level, jobs or even relationship status. It’s incredibly useful for finding out about what people like, what content they are interested in interacting with, and much more – helping you to create content that is more targeted to this audience.

To use it to its full potential, you can also find out about who you are competition with and then target those brand’s existing fans by tailoring your content to engage with them. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to find relevant consumers on Facebook and grow your following with high-value fans.

#2 – Use Remarketing Features to Channel Interested Consumers Into Your Sales Funnel

Remarketing, also known as behavioural targeting or retargeting, is a way to reconnect with consumers who have interacted with your brand’s products on your website or Facebook ads. When this function is enabled, consumers who have looked at a product of yours or interacted with your Facebook ad will see those products pop up on other advertising spaces as they browse the web. It’s a gentle reminder to consumers and drives worthwhile results, increasing click-through rates and ultimately sales, as customers who see an ad 5-6 times for a product that they have already expressed some interest in are twice as likely to convert to a sale.

On Facebook, the remarketing tool can be activated in the Facebook Custom Audiences targeting options (available through Facebook Pixel), and you can choose when you want the retargeting to trigger based on the type of audience interaction. This can include people who have simply viewed your website recently, or more specific groups of consumers who have looked at a particular product or sales pages.

#3 – Target Similar Audiences Who Overlap with Your Target Market to Increase brand Exposure

While your target audience is the most valuable consumer group for your brand, they are not the only consumers open to buying from you. You can slightly widen your brand exposure by targeting people who overlap with your main audience and who could become potential customers. This is done through the Facebook Lookalike Audiences feature, which allows you to discover and target consumers who share some important characteristics with your current consumers. For example, they could be in the same local area, have a similar income level or have common interests with your audience.

The algorithm is impressively sophisticated but easy to use, allowing you to bring together multiple variations of detailed characteristics to expand your brand reach without sacrificing the targeted nature of your campaign or allowing costs to balloon.

#4 – Set Up Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Campaigns to Drive Sales

Sometimes the focus is so set on gaining new customers that a Facebook marketing strategy can forget about the most valuable consumers of all – current customers. Dynamic Facebook ads allow you to increase the lifetime of your existing customer base by automatically triggering up-sell and cross-sell campaigns to people who have previously converted on your page or website.

Using their consumer behaviour data, cross-sell campaigns offer products and services that compliment past purchases – a great pair of sneakers to go with those activewear leggings, a set of glasses to go with that new bottle of craft gin, and so on. An up-sell campaign uses the same data to encourage consumers in a similar way to move into more expensive product ranges. For example, they bought those sneakers so you could target them with fitness watches, or you could upsell a craft gin purchase with a high-end holiday selection of bespoke gins or bar tools.

Ensure Your Facebook Ads are Working Hard for Your Brand This Holiday Season

Ecommerce is king in 2020, and with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas on the horizon, now is the time to develop a high-impact Facebook marketing strategy.

If you are looking for guidance in creating a social media marketing strategy for the retail season, our ecommerce marketing team can show you how. We’ve worked with businesses of every size, in every sector, helping them harness the full potential of their digital presence. Chat to us today about a no-nonsense Facebook marketing strategy that delivers.


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