Online advertising services now allow businesses to reach their potential consumers more directly and more effectively than ever before. By investing in targeted advertising, your campaigns are guaranteed to reach your target market, maximising your conversion rate and delivering great returns.

Facebook is one of the most effective targeted advertising providers because they are able to draw from a large bank of volunteered information about their users. By monitoring the activity of Facebook accounts as well as the individual’s movement on the web more generally, Facebook is able to deliver any business’ advert to users who will be most interested.

Targeted advertising is a form of inbound marketing which enables companies to reach the maximum number of potential consumers with minimal effort and expense. While a traditional billboard, radio ad or even television commercial will be seen or heard by a large number of people, the vast majority exposed will not be interested in the services or products advertised. Targeted marketing, however, pushes your advertising content directly to people who are most likely to be interested, leading to far higher conversion rates than traditional advertising methods.

Digital Freak can work to develop targeted advertising campaigns which will effectively engage with your existing and potential consumers on Facebook as well as using Google AdWords and other targeted advertising providers.


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