Brand reputation can be a clincher or a killer for your business and there is no place quicker than the internet when it comes to instant rise or fall from grace. With its global reach and instant communication gratification, there is no other avenue more responsive.Ensuring you have a strong brand presence and ears to the ground to service your clients’ needs allows you to reduce or negate client dissatisfaction and keep your online reputation in check.

From logo and web design to full business image transformations both digital and print, Digital Freak connects your business’ promise to your market through your brand.

While going viral is the wish of many business owners and marketers alike, a viral slander can cripple.Digital Freak use social listening and monitoring along with proactive content managers to engage and respond to digital commentary and client enquiries. Whether its with humour, the right answer or a reassuring response to the client service query, we speak online as if we’re your online customer service centre.