Digital Freak is a close-knit team of, well, freaks!

But we’re claiming that term positively as our own, proud of our freaky, geeky nature and using our love of all things tech to our advantage. And, of course, to the advantage of our clients.

Our company founders, Bastien Treptel and Mark McAuliffe, gave their team a mission to become the preferred digital marketing partner for Australian businesses. With their guidance and our team’s own expertise, we’re doing just that.

Digital Freak offers any business, big or small, personalised advice and assistance when it comes to their online marketing campaigns, branding, websites, and so much more. At Digital Freak we celebrate differences, seeing them as strengths rather than weaknesses when it comes to digital marketing. After all, it’s easier to get found online if you have something which boosts your brand’s visibility in the overcrowded world of the Internet. We’ll take your unique business, combine it with our quirky technological genius and together we will develop a stand-out online brand identity which will take your company to the next level.