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5 Traits of a Successful Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is hot right now and can be key to a successful business. There are several roles within the sector of digital marketing, each with their own requirements. While there may be plenty of people who can do these jobs, there are a select few will excel at it. Do you live and breathe in the digital world? Are you always aware of the latest SEO trends? This is down to personality types and characteristics; if you think you are one of these people, check out the traits below that can make a real rockstar digital marketer.

If there’s one thing that digital marketing is not, it’s stable. The digital world is ever-changing, as are its techniques. What worked for SEO a year ago might be totally outdated now, so digital marketers and leaders need to be able to think on their feet and adapt to change. Sticking to the same old routines just won’t cut it in this business.

Being social means understanding what people are talking about and what they’re saying about it. You have your finger on the pulse and in every pie. Social media channels are a great connection to the social world (but not, of course, the only one). Social people have the edge in digital marketing as they can speak the right language about the right topics, and know exactly how to attract people.

There are many different roles within digital marketing, from leaders to creators, and creativity is key for most of them. From social media campaigns to brand voice, you have to be able to be inspired by and create interesting and useful ideas. Even as a leader, creativity will help you manage a creative team and make sure their ideas mesh with your digital agency.

If you’re a person who is constantly asking questions and eager to learn new techniques, you’re on the right track. In a constantly changing and evolving digital world, there’s no room for stick in the muds. Those with curiosity on their side will be open to learning and employing new techniques for SEO, analytics, metrics, and everything else that comes with the territory.

A good digital marketer is always analysing and comparing data, trends, and statistics to keep on top of their game. It’s not enough to be able to come up with ideas, but to really take a step back and be objective about what works and what doesn’t can be the difference between a good and a great digital marketer. This can take a mathematical and scientific approach from those who have that kind of mind.

Do any of these sound like you? While it’s unlikely you’ll tick all the boxes – although, kudos if you do! – if you’re nodding along to three or four then digital marketing is right up your street. Give yourself credit for the things that come natural to you and put them to good use in your career. Get in touch if you think this is the path for you.


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